A crab in the sand, representing Ferris, the Rust mascot
A rural home in the forest (likely with a slow internet connection)
A boat and chain symbolizing the blockchain and a node
An ornate library with many busts in a row
A water faucet flowing into a park
clip art of cryptocurrencies and fun
A clip art image signifying prediction of Bitcoin reward halvings
A clipart pickaxe swinging at a rock filled with Litecoin
Litecoin block reward being cut in half
Clip art of a Bitcoin piggy bank
clip art of Python code that uses a Bitcoin library
A pick-axe surrounded by the names of many hashing algorithms
Spiraling dice symbolizing combinatoric math
Bitcoin ATM vs a traditional bank clip art
A cryptocurrency wallet containing many types of coins
A home mining rig with 2 GPUs
A cryptocurrency wallet loaded onto a smart phone