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Alexander Avery

Wed | Mar 20, 2019

Faucets A cryptocurrency wallet containing many types of coins

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Before getting into this article, it is important to understand the concept of ownership in the blockchain ecosystem. In order to own your coins, you must be the sole owner of the private keys to your wallets. Whenever you can, be sure to keep a majority of your coins stored in wallets that are NOT in exchanges or online wallets.


If you are interested in getting free cryptocurrency to experiment with different programs and coins, the CoinPot wallet may be a good place to start. Through it you are able to collect from several cryptocurrency faucets that pay out well, and often. Using the payouts from these faucets you can look into other methods of collecting cryptocurrency without having to invest and risk your hard earned cash. You can simply use these extra coins to experiment with small cloud mining contracts, or even proof of stake coins. The faucets that allow you to collect for your CoinPot wallet are the Moon Faucets.

Moon Faucets

When compared to the Moon Faucets can pay out quite a bit more, and offer high loyalty bonuses. Once you collect, the funds are sent directly to your CoinPot wallet. You can collect Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Doge from the Moon Faucets. Once they are in your CoinPot wallet you can also exchange your coins for any others that you store in your wallet.

Payout Frequency

From all Moon Faucets you can collect as often as five minutes; the amount you can claim will gradually build up, even while you are away from the site. This passive buildup, however, tapers off so it is most beneficial to login and claim at least once per day. The amount of satoshi you receive is subject to change inversely proportional to the price of Bitcoin. Despite this, when you take into account the potential loyalty bonus, the claims from the Moon Faucets can be quite high. If you have the time it is always a good idea to collect from both faucets as we prepare for the halfing of the Bitcoin block reward just a few months away in 2020.

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