Moon Faucets for CoinPot Wallet

If you haven't read our article on the CoinPot wallet you can read that here to learn about it. CoinPot is the online wallet you will need to use in order to collect from the Moon Faucets.

Once you have your CoinPot wallet setup, you will be ready to collect a variety of coins from the Moon Faucets!

Passive Buildup

Moon Faucets pay a decent amount of satoshi as often as every five minutes. One unique aspect of this faucet program is that the amount of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, etc. that you can collect will build up even as you are away from the site. After a few hours this buildup begins to slow down, so collecting once or twice per day will get you the best value.


Much more of each coin can be collected from the Moon Faucets when the loyalty, mystery, and referral bonuses increase together.

Loyalty Bonus

Each consecutive day that you visit the site and claim your faucet reward, you will gain a 1% loyalty bonus. This can add up to a total of a 100% bonus on your faucet claim. Once you max out this bonus, you are effectively doubling the coins that you claim every day, allowing you to collect far more than other faucets.

Referral Bonus

Moon Faucets also have a referral program that can work in your favor. For each active referral in the last 72 hours, you will receive another 1% bonus with a cap of 100%. You will also receive a 25% commission on each faucet claim that any of your referrals make.

Mystery Bonus

For each faucet claim you also receive a random mystery bonus of anywhere from 1% to 100%.

With all of these bonuses working simultaneously you have the potential to collect many satoshis per day. Right now, while faucet claims are high, it is a good idea to collect as many coins as you can before the next halving of the Bitcoin block reward in 2020.

If you have been collecting and mining coins over the last few months, especially while cryptocurrency prices have been low, you will be glad that you took this opportunity to grab a few handfuls of coins.

Variety of Coins

The Moon Faucet family offers a small collection of different coins. You can collect:

And you can collect all of these coins simultaneously, you do not need to choose to collect one over another.

Important Note

If you visit the Moon Faucets other than through the links provided above, they default to not be encrypted by SSL. So be sure to not enter unneeded information into the site or you can ensure that when you first visit, you are connecting over https so your browser defaults to that connection in the future. The only information that the Moon Faucets need is your email address associated with your CoinPot wallet, or the public keys of your different CoinPot wallets. If you want you can even make a new free email to sign up for the CoinPot wallet and Moon Faucets.